1987 Camaro
IROC-Z ET Bracket Race Car

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Here is a seperate page on the back half project

narrowed diff

All these parts are what is currently on the car. Performance results may be from previous configurations.



  • Complete wiper assembly and related parts removed.
  • Both bumpers and related parts removed. They can't be seen behind the plastic covers anyway.
  • Manual steering box from an 87 S-10 pickup.
  • No interior except an aluminum dash and a race bucket seat.
  • Non tilt steering column is stripped down to just a shaft.
  • Manual brake master cylinder converted from an S-10
  • Full roll cage SFI 8.50 certification
  • 5 point harness and window net
  • Race weight for 2011 is 3030 pounds
  • Lexan locking T-tops from a Formula Firebird. Undersides painted black to keep the sun off my head.
  • Lexan windows all around.
  • Lexan headlight covers
  • Sheet of aluminum made into a simple deck lid and secured with Dzus fasteners
  • Custom made rear wing
  • All IROC body ground effects still installed.
  • Working tail lights and headlights remain for night time racing. All other non essential wiring removed.
  • Mirrors and antenna removed and the holes have been filled in.
  • '82 fiberglass hood with a 2-1/2" cowl scoop. A Hilborn style scoop pokes out the top.
  • VFN Fiberglass doors
  • Hood latch, related parts and brackets removed. Hood pins now hold the hood down at the front. Factory hinges and struts still lift the hood. The hood is too big and still too heavy to be a complete one person lift off while in the pits.
  • Tranny tunnel has been cut out and refabricated to allow more room around the bellhousing. It makes pulling the tranny easier. A completely removable tunnel would be even better.

. Chassis and Suspension

  • Koni SPA1 front struts
  • Fabricated travel limiters.
  • Strange 12 way double adjustable coil overs in the rear with 110 pound springs
  • Moroso trick front springs
  • Front and rear factory sway bars removed
  • Rear anti roll bar
  • Baer bump steer kit
  • Front tires MT 27.5" Front Runners tires mounted on 15 x 3 1/2 Weld Draglite's 1/2" wheel studs
  • Rear tires MT 32 x 16 slicks mounted on 15 x 15 Weld Pro Star's with 5.5" backspace. 5/8 " wheel studs
  • Narrowed Ford 9". Axle flange to axle flange measurement is 45".
  • Moser bolt through aluminum center section
  • Moser 31 spline axles and an aluminum spool, 4.86 lightened and polished pro gears
  • Comp Engineering generic rear frame rails and 4-link kit
  • 1350 series u-joints on a local custom made 3" x .083" steel driveshaft. 44.5" long
  • Profab tubular K-member and A-arms
  • Aerospace drag front brakes
  • 1999 GMC Jimmy rear disk brakes
  • Stroud Prostock parachute

Engine 383 small block 1999-2000
(Totally destroyed during last race of 2000 season. Very few parts could be reused)
I found out from the previous owner that this engine had a lot of miles on it as a 383. It was in a Jag and a MG before being dropped into the IROC. I managed around 200 1/4 mile passes in 2 years before it finally let go. I can't really complain about how well it ran when I had it. This is what I had in the engine when it finally let go. These specs are just for referral purposes to show what can be done with a 383

Best results before the 383 blew up
Best ET on a time slip: 11.857 altitude corrected to 11.163
Best MPH on a time slip: 117.87 altitude corrected to 126.10
Altitude corrected rear wheel HP based on power to weight ratio: 476.5
Best 60 foot: 1.662

  • Pre 80 "010" casting 350 block (LH side dipstick) (scrap metal)
  • Chev 383 short rod stroker (Cheaper and easier to build than 5.7 rod) (scrap metal)
  • Flat top cast pistons (scrap metal)
  • Weiand X-CELerator single plain low profile manifold
  • BG Speed demon 850 double pumper carb
  • 2 inch carb spacer
  • Holley Blue fuel pump
  • Camel back heads. Ported and polished, spring seats enlarged, stud boss machined off for screw in studs, bronze guides installed. Combustion chambers cc'd to 63cc. Final compression ratio will work out to be 10.1:1 on this 383 engine.
  • ARP 7/16" rocker studs
  • Comp Cams #986 double valve springs, 10 degree retainers & locks and #4808 guide plates
  • Comp Cams hardened pushrods #7693. (many are damaged)
  • Crane Gold 7/16 stud, 1.5 ratio roller rockers
  • Manley 2.02/1.6 Race-Flo stainless valves (5 are visibly bent, 2 intake and 3 exhaust)
  • Moroso tall valve covers
  • Headers 1 5/8" Hedman full length. No other exhaust except some short dumps to angle the exhaust away from the tranny
  • Holley Laser Shot coil
  • HEI large cap distributor (damaged drive gear)
  • Holley Strip Annihilator ignition
  • MSD 8.5 wires
  • AC R43TS spark plugs (damaged 2)
  • Dual IROC electric fans with electric drive water pump.
  • Crane solid lifter cam #114691. New grind name is F-290-2. Old grind name was CC-290A (Broken and broke a bunch of lifters too)
  • True roller timing chain installed 4 degrees advanced.
  • K&N air filter 14x4 sitting on a 2 inch spacer on top of carb.

Engine 454+ BBC 2001-2005
540 BBC 2006-2011
582 2011
588 2012-

  • Dart Big M 4.600" bore block bored out to 4.625". Billet steel main caps.
  • Front and rear motor plates
  • JE race pistons and rings. Floating pin, raised wrist pin for the longer rods. 15:1 compression ratio with open chamber heads
  • JE tool steel wrist pins. .180" wall
  • Howards ProMax 4340 4.375" stroke crankshaft
  • Howards Ultimate Duty Forged Billet I beam rods, 6.385" long (1/4" longer than stock) with 7/16" ARP 2000 cap screws
  • Clevite 77 bearings.
  • Moroso 8 quart oil pan and a Moroso 3 quart oil accumulator
  • Moroso oil pump with welded on pickup tube
  • Dart 360 aluminum heads that have been massively ported. 2.30/1.88 Manley valves. Titanium retainers. 10 degree locks. Comp Cams triple springs.
  • Fabricated rocker covers
  • GZ belt driven vacuum pump
  • Ed Quay headers. 2-1/4" primaries with 4" collectors
  • Magnaflow #14153 race mufflers on each side of the car. Exhaust can be easily removed to run open headers but it's too loud.
  • MSD 8.5 wires
  • Rad and electric fan from an early 90's Firefly, Sprint, Geo
  • MSD Pro Billet distributor locked out to full advance
  • MSD HVC II coil
  • Holley Strip Annihilator ignition
  • Holley crank trigger
  • NGK -9 racing spark plugs all indexed
  • Edelbrock 2R tunnel ram
  • Ron's Fuel dual 4.1" flying toilets. 1800 CFM each
  • Ron's Fuel 0-1/2 belt driven black fuel pump.
  • Milodon gear drive timing system
  • Predator custom grind camshaft. 282/290 @ .050, .833/.809 lift, 4/7 swap
  • Crower HIPO roller lifters
  • Comp Cams shaft rockers (Made by T&D)
  • Comp Cams Hi-Tech push rods. 3/8", 0.135" wall, 210 degree radius
  • Power Bond SFI fluid balancer and Scat SFI flexplate with ARP bolts
  • Meziere electric water pump
  • Powermaster XS starter (Mini starter needed to clear headers)
  • Powerglide 2 speed, 1.76 first gear.
  • TCS 8" torque converter - Stalls at 6200 on the transbrake. Falls back to 6400 after the shift.
  • B&M Pro Ratchet shifter
  • Oil cooler mounted under the passenger floor
  • B&M deep cast aluminum pan
  • TCI steel clutch hub
  • 7 frictions in factory clutch drum
  • Dual seal servo piston
  • TCI Vaccu Melt 300 input shaft with turbo splines
  • TCI manual valve body with Pro tree transbrake
  • CSR one piece tranny and flexplate shield